New & Forthcoming:

six poems from “Post-op Letters in the Field Between Us,” a collaboration with Susannah Nevison in Diode.

“Before the Founding of Rome (Romulus)“Before the Founding of Rome (Remus)” : poems forthcoming in Crazyhorse (spring 2018)

“Calling Long Distance”  from “Explaining Our Bodies, Finding Ourselves” a conversation in essays with Susannah Nevison in The New York Times

“Self Portrait, From A Distance, Without The Other Girl”, “Self Portrait As The Other Girl”:  poems in Pleiades

six poems from “Post-op Letters in the Field Between Us,” a collaboration with Susannah Nevison forthcoming in Tin House (fall 2018)

Selected Poems:

“Letter to Julian, Midsummer”, “The Animals” : poems in Ninth Letter (print only)

“Grand Mal Seizure”: at Poetry Daily

“The Dormitory” Sequence :  in Gulf Coast (print only)

“The Facts, As I Understand Them”: in Nashville Review

“Where You Are (vii)”, “Oxygen”: in The Adroit Journal

“The Infirmary” Sequence: in Colorado Review (print only)

Three Poems: in Meridian

“The Blindroom” Sequence at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact

“After” at TriQuarterly Online

Selected Essays:

“Bent Body, Lamb”: in Image Journal 

“Something’s Wrong With Me” at The Rumpus