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Molly McCully Brown’s first book of poems, “The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded,” is part history lesson, part séance, part ode to dread. It arrives as if clutching a spray of dead flowers. It is beautiful and devastating.” –Read More in The New York Times

“It’s [Brown’s] rich imagery that stands out most: “That one has a cave for a face/ blank, unlit, and fallen in./ Back wherever she began/ somebody clapped his hands/ and the fire went out./ But, somehow, she continued to burn.” Brown’s humbling and heartbreaking poems restore dignity to lives sacrificed in the name of perfection” – Read More in Publisher’s Weekly (boxed, starred review)

“Brown’s work urges into understanding the notion that both fear and empathy are rooted in a single, somber utterance: I could have been you.”  Read more from Laura Eve Engel in The Oxford American

The book’s total strength is anchored in its clear narrative, its troubled engagement with faith, and Brown’s deft use of local history that easily might have become her personal history.” — Read More in Marginalia at the LA Review of Books

“The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded is art, and purposeful and fantastic art at that… Brown deserves every praise that comes her way – the poetry is incredible, and the history that it reveals as painful as it is necessary to understand.”Read More in The Blueshift Journal